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Bringing your fashion brand from concept to runway


Develop Your Brand from Concept to Runway

If you are looking to launch your brand and might not be 100% sure where to start or have started one and are looking for an alternative production source or just simply want to move away from using pre-manufactured blanks or printing them at your local print shop to save a couple of dollars, we urge you to consider giving cut and sew, factory-direct manufacturing a chance…you will not regret it!

We can help you throughout every or any part of the development of your brand. From initial design, fabric selections and technical patterns to sampling and production.

Product Development exists for those brands looking to have samples developed and might need some room for tweaking, especially when a vision on paper in most cases does not always translate the way one believes it would in production. Product Development, although an investment, will help you avoid unnecessary inventory or running into production without having pre-approved samples in hand.

This is a retainer-based service, where Product Development fees are deducted from services rendered. Remaining balance from your Product Development retainer will then be credited towards the production of your order.

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