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I Have A Clothing Line


We have worked to build start up brands with budgets of $5,000 and more established companies with budgets of over $100,000 –  It’s really all about working within your means. Either way, it is an investment and will require plenty of passion, much of your time and a great deal of patience. Our experience has shown companies that launch brands with pre-manufactured blanks, such as Anvil, Gildan, Champion, Bella Canvas, Next Level, etc. end up becoming more of a hobby and less of a business. Finding a factory that will help grow with your brand is very difficult, which is why when most brands locate that factory, they do their best to keep it very private. Starting a clothing line is not hard at all, but starting a revenue generating clothing line does require some guidance to avoid the fashion pitfalls of making critical mistakes such as creating more inventory than you really need. Set up a meeting with us, we’d love to chat and see if we can help become an extension of your brand!



Standard opening orders are at 100 pcs per style, but there is flexibility with customers, especially start-ups. It’s all on a case by case basis; for instance, customers that are in Product Development we offer them minimum quantities of 50 pcs per style/color.

To obtain a quote or request an order submit your designs along with the following details:

  • Artwork Details
  • Fabric Preferences (if any)
  • Quantity Per Size

We will reply with preliminary costing and delivery date for your review.

Standard delivery is 3-4 weeks; however, we do offer expedited 2 week delivery for a rush fee depending on the volume of the order. Contact us by phone: 888.872.5076 Opt. 1 or email for any urgent orders.



We help you throughout every or any phase in the development of your clothing line. From initial designs and fabric selections to technical patterns, sampling and production. Product Development exists for those brands looking to have samples developed and might need some room for tweaking, especially when a vision on paper in most cases does not always translate the way one believes it would in production. Product Development, although an investment, will help you avoid unnecessary inventory or running into production without having pre-approved samples in hand. This is a retainer-based service, where Product Development fees are deducted from services rendered. Remaining balance from your Product Development retainer will then be credited towards the production of your order. Email us with any questions



Once your product is manufactured, you will need a plan in place to market and sell it. We can help. Contact us by phone: 888.872.5076 Opt. 1 or email and inquire about our Brand Marketing Service.

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