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A Complete Guide to Shooting Star Candlestick Pattern

A Complete Guide to Shooting Star Candlestick Pattern

A Complete Guide to Shooting Star Candlestick Pattern 150 150 freshpima

Second, you have to look for a candle that has a long upper shadow with a small body at the bottom and the small body can be bullish or bearish. We research technical analysis patterns so you know exactly what works well for your favorite markets. The long upper shadow shows the buyers who bought during the day but are now in a losing position because the price dropped back to the open.

The length of the wick is a factor in confirming the candlestick pattern. This is the simple psychology behind the shooting star candle that every retail trader must learn in technical analysis. As I said earlier, the Shooting Star Candlestick is a bearish trend reversal signal and it appears at the top of the trend. And, the confirmation of a bearish trend reversal came the next day, when the price broke the low of the shooting star. But if the pattern shows up close to a level of resistance or trend line, the shooting star can add confirmation to the new bearish bias. This is because one candle is not very important in the general trend or market movement.

shooting star candlestick

On the other hand, the inverted hammer candlestick formation is used as an indicator for bullish price reversals when spotted in a steep downtrend or bearish market. The shooting star candle, despite how effective it is, a trader needs to see the pattern completed or confirm this pattern before opening a short position. A bearish candle below the high of the shooting star candle confirms a bearish trend reversal, and a trader could look to open a short or sell position. The pattern has a long upper shadow, no lower shadow, a small real body near the low of the day. The difference is that the shooting star candle displays in an uptrend and is a bearish reversal pattern.

Despite the fact that there is no way of knowing how much the price will fall after verification of the shooting star, selling must occur. The price may continue its upward path with the longer-term uptrend following a small decline. First, purchasers are rejoicing in their gains as the stock soars to a new high. As this euphoric period wears off, short traders begin selling the stock in response to a barrage of buy orders.

Shooting Star Candlestick Pattern Trading Strategy Guide

Like the Inverted hammer it is made up of a candle with a small lower body, little or no lower wick, and a long upper wick that is at least two times the size of the lower body. If you want to trade when you observe the eos price world pattern, there are a few procedures you need to take. Bear in mind that the shooting star may signify a downward trend – in other words, market prices may fall. If you wish to profit from declining prices, you can do it by using various derivatives. The shooting star candlestick pattern is often regarded as one of the most consistent candlestick patterns.

But the formation of the Shooting Star candle put an end to that move. As you can see, the chart is kind of choppy because there is not any clear trend. If the trade is going in your direction, you can exit the trade in many ways. If the trade goes against you, then it will save you from losing huge money. So, before taking any trade you have to check the location of the pattern.

It is generally formed in special circumstances when a stock opens at normal prices but tends to increase significantly during the day but the price is rejected. Traders leverage and utilize shooting star candlesticks formations to determine short position entries and maximize opportunities from trend reversals. From the image, we can see an image representing a shooting star pattern with two different candlesticks, a green and red version of the shooting star candlesticks. Both are shooting star patterns, although the red candle is more powerful, indicating sellers exert more sell pressure at that point or timeframe compared to the green shooting star. The shooting star candlestick strategy is a straightforward yet profitable way to trade the financial markets.

  • Most traders often use this pattern and wait for more price confirmation before entering a short position for a given crypto asset.
  • One should not make trading decisions solely based on a candle pattern, such as a shooting star.
  • Notice how the price opens near the lower one third of the range, and then the bulls push the prices higher, which is represented by the upper shadow of the shooting star pattern.
  • It should be after a prolonged uptrend or at the end of a correction.

Candlesticks provide much insight into how market prices might behave. The shooting star candlestick pattern is a good tool used by traders to visually identify where potential support and resistance are situated on the chart. This pattern signals to traders a potential end to an uptrend with a downtrend on the horizon and could be imminent with the traders looking to close their potential long signals. Another strong indication of an impending bearish reversal is when the candlestick’s upper shadow is much longer than the candlestick body – three or four times longer, or more. From another part, chartists can seize the best short entry points especially when the subsequent price activity below the shooting star candle would confirm the price reversal.

This is the candle’s distinctive structure, which combines a small body with a tall upper candlewick. In such an instance, the shooting star formation was correct in its prediction. The price takes a sharp dip to the downside over the time frame of the next three candlesticks that form before resuming the overall trend to the upside. A trader who sold short upon seeing the shooting star pattern could’ve quickly pocketed a profit on a short-term, intraday trade. The shooting star pattern is just one of many signals of potential market reversals recognized in candlestick charting.

What Are the Differences Between a Shooting Star and a Hammer?

As the day progresses, though, the sellers step in and push the price back down to near the open, erasing the gains for the day. This shows that buyers lost control by the close of the day, and the sellers may be taking over. If the price rises after a shooting star, the formation may have been a false signal or the candle is marking a potential resistance area around the price range of the candle.

shooting star candlestick

As with the Inverted hammer most traders will see a longer wick as a sign of a greater potential reversal and like to see an increase in volume on the day the Shooting Star forms. Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Futures, Cryptocurrencies, and CFDs Trading have large potential rewards, but also involve the risk of loss. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the Forex, Stocks, Commodities,Futures, Cryptocurrencies, and CFDs markets.

When the deference that is depicted on the candle between the opening and low price is higher, it means bears are dominating and have triumphed in capturing the price from the bulls. The candle is perceived as a bearish candle in technical analysis. There are several candlestick patterns, but you shouldn’t confuse yourself to finding the best one. This is the indication of a bearish trend reversal though it needs confirmation to take an entry. But you can see before the Shooting Star formation price made 3,4 big bullish candles and was very close to the previous resistance level.

Forex, Gold & Silver:

A shooting star appears as a result of the advance and then climbs vigorously throughout the day. This demonstrates the same buying pressure as witnessed in previous periods. However, as the day unfolds, the sellers intervene and bring the price down gartley pattern to near the open, wiping out the day’s gains. This indicates that buyers relinquished authority before the day’s end, and sellers may be assuming control. A doji is a trading session where a security’s open and close prices are virtually equal.

In contrast, the shooting star is seen at the end of an uptrend signaling a potential bearish price reversal. In technical analysis, a shooting star is interpreted as a type of reversal pattern presaging cmc markets review a falling price. The Shooting Star looks exactly the same as the Inverted hammer, but instead of being found in a downtrend it is found in an uptrend and thus has different implications.

The Inverted hammer pattern is a bullish reversal pattern and shows up in a downtrend. Additionally, there are some characteristics of a shooting star formation that, if they occur, make the signal of a possible market reversal to the downside stronger. The pattern is also considered stronger if there is no lower tail or shadow whatsoever. The detected candlestick patterns are also highlighted with labels on your chart automatically. The information on the website and inside our Trading Room platform is intended for educational purposes and is not to be construed as investment advice. Trading the financial markets carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

Shooting Star: Information Table

Besides, the length of the upper shadow should be double the body of the candle which must have a smallish lower shadow also. All of these symptoms will simplify the identification of the bearish reversal shooting star candlestick pattern. We can notice on the MetaTrader chart below that the bullish move reversed towards a bearish trend after the shooting star formation. To explain, the candle next to it is a strong reversal sign itself. The inverted shooting star is a bullish research technique that looks for market divergence between a previously bearish trend and a bullish rally. Inverted shooting star patterns are often referred to as inverted hammer candlestick patterns.


Another limitation is that the pattern can be prone to false signals, especially in choppy or sideways markets. One limitation is that the pattern is not always reliable, as there are times when the security’s price may continue to rise despite the appearance of a shooting star. By identifying the pattern and its characteristics, traders can make informed decisions about whether to enter or exit a trade.

Just prior to the formation of a shooting star, the upswing accelerates. The shooting star indicates that the price opened higher and closed close to the open. The following day closed lower, confirming a possible downward price movement. The shooting star’s peak was not exceeded, and the price continued in a downward trend for the next month.

Advantages of Shooting Star Candlestick Pattern

The general interpretation is that a market is overbought if the RSI indicator is above 30. The reason behind this is that mean-reverting markets like equities are more likely to revert the more extreme movements they’ve produced. One good way to measure this is with the average true range indicator.

Shooting Star Pattern is quite easy to trade if you identify the pattern and trade correctly. But later in the day, the bulls lost conviction and started covering their long positions. In this post, I will discuss what is the Shooting Star, How to identify and trade them, the difference between Shooting Star Candlestick and Inverted Hammer. The pattern has a very small body near the bottom and a long shadow to the upside. This subjectivity can make it difficult to consistently identify and trade the pattern effectively.

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